We do not guarantee a return on members’ savings, such as interest earning accounts.

However we have given every member a return for each of the last 31 years.

We have managed our finances well enough to have some surplus income at the end of each financial year, after we have paid all the bills. As we operate on a not-for-profit basis, we add some of the surplus to reserves which protect members’ savings, but give most of it back to members as Dividends.

Dividend entitlement is calculated from a member’s average minimum savings balance each month. The surplus is then divided pro-rata to all members.

In all of the 30 years the percentage Dividend we have given has been better than banks, etc., offered as interest on instant access deposit accounts at the time.

Members vote on a recommendation from our Board of Directors at our Annual General Meeting, after the audited accounts have been accepted.

Our Board’s current policy is to always offer the same percentage on Shares, Corporate Shares and Young Members’ Savings Accounts. We may sometimes offer a lower percentage on Flexi-Savings and Business Trading Accounts.