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Our Board of Directors and Officers

Our Board of Directors are elected by and from our members.

At present 10 members serve as our Board.

Individual members are the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Chairpersons of the Credit, Staffing and Internal Audit Committees.

The Directors’ collective responsibility is to ensure that the credit union meets its aims and objectives, and that its resources are used in the best interests of all members.

Their roles include

They have volunteered to serve in these roles, and receive no remuneration other than honoraria approved by our members.

Our Staff

At present we employ 6 paid staff, responsible for services to members and keeping the accounts in order.

We also have 20 volunteers, including those on the Board. They also make a big contribution - donating their time, skills, knowledge and experience to help us deliver better and more extensive services.

The person spec.

If this describes you, there may be a role for you to help us make our credit union even better!